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Cassandra Clifford
Executive Director and Founder of BTFF

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tips for Law Enforcement to Efficiently Detect, Prevent, and Deter Human Trafficking

  1. Train personnel on the indicators of human trafficking and on effective interviewing of potential victims who, in most cases, do not self-identify. 
  2. Educate the public about human trafficking and concentrate on the vulnerable populations of the community. 
  3.  Develop government and non-government partnerships to achieve a unified enforcement action against human trafficking while providing aftercare for the victims. 
  4. Collect information and intelligence to identify the criminal networks, traffickers, persons of interest, locations, and financial aspects involved in the illegal trafficking operations. Investigate those people and locations linked to human trafficking and explore prosecution for any subsequent crime. 
  5. Target high risk areas for human trafficking to better utilize limited resources while tracking and assessing activity and enforcing laws. 
  6. High risk areas include brothels, strip clubs, escort services, and massage parlors. 
  7. Use proactive enforcement during the peak hours in and around locations linked to human trafficking.
  8. Develop informants from individuals who are arrested and use the information to further the investigation into trafficking networks. 
  9. Explore the use of modern technology and science to aid in the investigation, evidence collection, and prosecution efforts. 
  10.  Seize assets to hinder and disrupt individuals and organizations involved in human trafficking. Prosecute the defendants and publicize success stories. 

 Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/speaking-out/2013/oct/30/ten-tips-law-enforcement-decrease-human-traffickin/#ixzz2kYi7fuev

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