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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Violence Prevention Workshops A Fighting Success

As you may have recently read on our blog, website and other social media outlets Bridge to Freedom Foundation recently launched a new Violence Prevention Program.  We have been excited to be able to bring the life saving techniques of Krav Maga -a real life self-defense system- to survivors of human trafficking.

Our first survivor workshop was held just last month in Kansas City, Missouri, and we are excited to announce that they were a fighting success!   On October 24rd, I traveled to Kansas City to run our first official Violence Prevention Workshop Fundraiser for the community. Which  I am very excited to report back to you that it was a great successes and funded the next phase of  my journey to train local survivors of sex trafficking.  This trip was important in so many ways, one I was getting to return back to my hometown and begin to see my dream and life's work go full circle.  It was also exciting -and a bit nerve racking- to finally be able to share my love of Krav Maga with many of my family and friends.  It was defiantly an interesting experience teaching a class with siblings, parents, childhood friends and all their friends, but so great to let them see first hand what I have been talking about and training so hard on.  Not to mention I want to ensure that everyone has access to true and easy to implement self-defense training, as my motto for self-defense -and much of life- is "Don't be Surprised for Surprises"!

On that note I am without words to really tell you how excited I am to report back that our first workshop(s) with the amazing survivor lead organization in Kansas City, MO, Veronica's Voice on the 24th of October, was an amazing success.  First of all I have to thank everyone at Veronica's voice for all the hard work you do everyday and allowing us to be part of your family and for seeing the value in every aspect of survivors lives -including their personal safety.  Most of all I have to thank the amazing women who spent the day learning, laughing, sharing, bonding and most of all learning some...well shall we say it....Kick Ass Self-Defense techniques!  These life saving skills we hope will keep all of these women out of harms way and empowered to fight should they have to!

Our mission at BTFF is to see that all survivors of modern slavery have the tools and resources to lead thriving lives and we know that this includes developing the mental mindset of a fighter.  Our Violence Prevention Program, does just that and we hope you will help support us on this journey and consider sponsoring a survivor or workshop here: http://www.razoo.com/story/Violence-Prevention-Self-Defense-Workshops.

If you are a survivor and would like to inquire about free training or would like to book a self-defense workshop for your clients or outreach team, please contact us at info@btff.org and we will contact you with more information and to schedule your training.  Additionally if you would like to host a community self-defense workshop and not only ensure your community is equipped for any situation, but also raise funds for free survivor training please contact us to book a workshop.

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