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Monday, November 18, 2013

Modern Slavery News Round-up

New Nevada fund to fight human trafficking gets kick-start
Donations totaling more than $3,500 were delivered Thursday to state officials for deposit in a newly created fund to combat human trafficking in Nevada. The new fund was created by Assembly Bill 311 from the 2013 legislative session. The bill was sponsored by Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle, D-Sparks, John Hambrick, R-Las Vegas, and others, to create a vehicle for the state to accept donations to fight human trafficking. The money will be used to establish or provide programs or services to help victims of human trafficking.

Maryland Gets C Grade for Human Trafficking Laws
Currently Maryland has a "C" grade, but a representative of the organization 'Shared Hope International,' which issued the ranking, says the state has seen marked improvement and is ranked higher than almost half the states in the country. What can be done to improve Maryland's grade was one of several topics discussed as advocates and law enforcement officials gathered at University of Maryland law school in Baltimore to discuss efforts to protect victims of the sex trade.

Turkish Pastor Arrested on Human-Trafficking Accusations
Pastor Orhan Picaklar, a Turkish Protestant pastor arrested by police in the Black Sea province of Samsun this week is accused of involvement in prostitution and the human trafficking of refugees. The 42-year-old pastor was detained until Wednesday evening in a police investigation led by the Morals Bureau of the Public Order Division. The criminal case was reportedly based on a telephoned complaint from an unidentified person.

Fresno Council Member Clint Olivier's proposal addresses human trafficking
Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier wants to fight human trafficking by giving police investigators more time to hunt down the exploiters. Olivier plans to introduce an ordinance at next Thursday's council meeting that changes the way therapists at massage parlors are licensed. The Police Department currently does time-consuming background checks on massage therapists before issuing them a license to work. Under Olivier's ordinance, massage therapists would still need a license but it would be issued by the California Massage Therapy Council.

Christian business gives sex-trafficking victims in Mumbai a new start
According to the think tank report, “A Business Takeover: Combating the Business of the Sex Trade with Business as Mission,” the private sector is in a unique position to fight sex trafficking. By working with NGOs and charitable organizations, businesses are able to create jobs that allow survivors of trafficking to find employment, support themselves and their families, and learn valuable skills, including saving, budgeting, and working in a professional environment. One business built on this model is International Sanctuary, or iSanctuary, which has operated in Mumbai, India since 2007 and Orange County, Calif. since 2010. In Mumbai, iSanctuary works with girls as young as 14. The women in Orange County tend to be a bit older, and come from all over the globe.

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