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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fact: Males are Victims of Sex Trafficking

When you think about sex trafficking do you think about males?

You hear quite a bit about sex trafficking these days, but when you think about it the image of the victim that comes to your mind is that of a female. Sexual violence against males overall has always been a very culturally taboo subject. Regardless of the situations of abuse most male victims do not report their abuse and there are fewer services available to them...and no wonder there is very little mention of them. This lack of mention of male victims in society, by the media has led to what appears as a lack of concern and thus has rendered male victims almost invisible.

The statistics on male victims of sex trafficking are few and far in-between, but that does not mean that they are not out there. If we close our eyes, turn our heads or simply do not see it, it does not mean its not there. This is not a set of isolated cases, nor is it a foreign problem, it is a global problem that stretches from the world of the Bacha Bereesh -“beardless boys”- in Afghanistan to the streets of your very own cities.

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