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Friday, December 21, 2012

FACT: Modern Slavery Will Not Go Away If We Close Our Eyes

You don't want to look, but you do and you see it...it's  right there in front of your eye's and you don't know what to do, so you close your eye's and pray it will go away.  Well that may have worked with the monsters under your bed when you were a child, but it will not make the monstrous crime of modern slavery go away.

Modern Slavery's invisible chains hold some 27 million captive and they cannot find true freedom if we close our eyes or fail to hear their cries. The realities of modern slavery are not easy to digest it is a story you see, hear or read and then instantly say, "no, that doesn't really happen does it?"  You are shocked the moment you witness any story and you cannot believe it is true? But it is and to see it's end we have to open our eyes and see the reality so we can act.

Sadly we still come across people daily that live in denial and just want to close their eyes to the many faces of modern slavery.  We see victims who are walked by day after day, young girls who's cries for help go unheard by all those around her, the child labor who is ignored as nothing but a nuisance, and so many others.  However we also come across people everyday who just don't want to hear it -they just don't want to believe it's true.  Just the other week we were at an event and a woman stooped by our table -we were selling survivor made products- and when we mentioned they were made by survivors she had apathy and then said yeah its so horrible in some of these countries.  We told her that we work at the moment in the DC area and with domestic victims of sex trafficking to which she instantly put her hands over her daughters ears -who was at least 12- and quickly walked away without another word.

Open your eyes with us and join the fight against modern slavery, together we can end it!

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