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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bridge to Freedom Executive Director Hosts Global Voice Hall Live! Pangaea Forum on Human Trafficking

Bridge to Freedom Foundation's Executive Director Cassandra Clifford was chosen to moderate the recent Global Voice Hall, Inc. Pangaea forum on Human Trafficking.  The live event was held on April 24, 2013 at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies | SAIS, and was attended by students, analysts, advocates and agencies who were all given the floor for a question and answer session.

The live event was then  diligently edited by the amazing staff at GVH, who wove in a number of carefully selected interviews, images and footage highlighting various types of modern slavery. We are now excited to announce that the footage from the live event and post event interviews have now been finalized and the forum episode, Human Trafficking: A Global Plague, is now airing. 

Please view the episode trailer below and then check out the full episode to hear from an amazing panel of of guests including: Dr. Mohamed Mattar - Executive Director of the Protection Project, Johns Hopkins University; Dave Rogers - FBI Supervisory Special Agent Manager of Public Corruption/Civil Rights Section; Holly Austin Smith - Survivor of Child Trafficking/ Journalist; Mary C. Ellison - Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, U.S. State Department; Evelyn Chumbow - Forced Labor Survivor; Michelle Clark - Human Rights Professional /Adjunct Professor, George Washington University

To view the full episode please go directly to GVH's webiste here: http://www.globalvoicehall.com/live-broadcast/2013/forums/forums-pangaea/human-trafficking-global-plague#sthash.H3U87gBo.dpufhttp://www.globalvoicehall.com/live-broadcast/2013/forums/forums-pangaea/human-trafficking-global-plague#sthash.H3U87gBo.dpuf

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