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Monday, May 21, 2012

Modern Slavery News Round-Up

Human Trafficking Happening in Charlotte
As a transportation hub with close proximity to major highways, human trafficking has come to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Traffickers can pick up their victims and then easily leave, making it hard to find and prosecute them.  State Attorney General Roy Cooper wants more public awareness and with the Democratic National Convention approaching, there's a growing concern of increased trafficking.  "When there's more money to be made, people are going to take advantage of it...this is a $32 billion industry," says Charity Magnuson, leader of the NC Stop chapter.  A this moment, there are 7 to 10 open human trafficking cases in the city.

Human Trafficking Crackdown in Northern Ireland
Since 2009, more than 70 women from a variety of countries such as Ghana, China, Slovakia and Zimbabwe have been rescued from human traffickers in Northern Ireland.  Police believe that there are about 90 brothels that have tricked these women into coming to the country and then forced into sexual slavery by crime gangs.  The increase in awareness can be partly attributed to a new working group, the All Party Group on Human Trafficking, that is lobbying for stronger legislation to make it more difficult for these gangs to exploit vulnerable women.  The MLA allianced recently announced its cooperation with other justice departments.  "Human trafficking is a hidden crime and it is difficult to know what the full extent is, but we know that it is happening and it has to stop."

Former Sex Worker Cautions Kids About Trafficking
Natasha Falle was 14 when she was first sold for sex and now she teaches high school students in British Columbia on how to avoid being exploited.  Falle was trafficked across Canada by her pimp and Naomi Krueger, member of a safe house for trafficking victims, says most of the facility's residents come from Canada.   "We've had residents who were trafficked from northern British Columbia to Vancouver."  Criminal charges for traffickers are rare in British Columbia, with the first conviction ever to be given in 2011.  Falle hopes to not only rely on criminal charges to protect women and children, but to also give an accurate presentation of sex trafficking to future generations.

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